Substance of Intimacy

Waves of relaxation consume my space —
As you gently caress my weary face.
Eyes look up to you, your warm smile emerges,
“I love you”, you whisper, my elation surges.

Take me back to sun-drenched sand,
Adoring every doggo, hand in hand.
We study the rock-pools, seeking crustaceans,
Laughing and contemplating our aspirations.

Eager to acquaint me with your closest friends,
Your fondness for me, not one could contend.
Their warmth and kindness soothed my agitation,
Ambience, cocktails, music — developed my liberation.

The warm night in that moonlit pool,
Illuminated ripples had kept us cool.
Enveloped in your arms, you pulled me close,
My lips embraced yours and time froze.

Nurturing me through one of my greatest fears,
Your compassion gleamed as my eyes filled with tears.
Dazed and confused, not leaving my side,
Gave me comfort and gratitude, impossible to hide.

Wrapped up in your presence, bury my head in your chest,
Your rhythmic breath puts me to rest.
“I love you, too”, I murmur, absorbing your warmth,
Descending into sleep, two hearts conform.

Originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium.


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  1. Dad says:

    Beautiful read! Live that it came from you. Just great.

    Liked by 1 person

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