Crystal Violet reading in a chair
Photography by The Emerald Ruby
Photography by me
Photography by The Emerald Ruby


10 Signs You Have an Emotionally Abusive Partner

Emotional abuse is not only much harder to detect than physical abuse, but it can be just as damaging. In fact, I don’t have a single female friend who hasn’t endured an emotionally abusive relationship at some point in their life. It’s almost like a sick rite of passage.

On Living a Meaningful Life

Tears streamed down my cheeks as I witnessed the on-screen magic of Disney-Pixar’s “Soul” (2020). “I’m just afraid that if I died today my life would have amounted to nothing,” said Joe, the protagonist.

Why I Will Never Invest In Housing

Real estate investing is gaining popularity at an increasing rate. Nevertheless, many investors jump at the opportunity without fully recognising the risks involved – some of which are never mentioned in the media.


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