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Ever since I left high school, I’ve been stuck writing technical papers of all sorts. I mean, I can probably count the number of essays I wrote at university on one hand. Among the rest were scientific research reports and more recently for work, financial statements of advice. It’s hard to have the energy to write creatively after spending all day buried in one-dimensional compliance documents, despite my passion for the industry.

The purpose of this blog is to share musings, things I’ve learned, creative expression, and simply to have a little spot of the internet I can call my own. I’m excited to explore a range of topics, develop my writing skills and have you along for the journey.

I take a particular interest in personal development, finance, philosophy, science, and health. If you like what I do, consider supporting me on Kofi.

Crystal Violet
A rosaniline dye, C25H30ClN3, used as an antiseptic, an indicator, and a bacterial stain in Gram’s method.

Professional Background
Graduate Diploma of Forensic Science
Bachelor of Science (Biology)
Diploma of Financial Planning

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