Swallow Me

Ache for adventure, contentment, resolve--
Weigh down the years ahead, unravel trembling uneasiness.
Endlessly float through stale, dreary, concrete jungle--
Towering over me, etched walls climb higher.

Archive daydreams like diamonds swallowed by muddy pits,
Cradle my hand--snake-like paths lead nowhere.
Drain my world of colour--lift me higher,
Push fading warmth afar and blind me.

Peel away empty hours, days, years--
Reveal rosy cheeks, breathe life into icy veins,
Help me discover you, inject passion,
Drag me from the hazy abyss--complete me.



  1. Kevin Jenkin says:

    Quick read and thoroughly enjoyable. Its good its not to long, although I have been captivated by your longer ones.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Crystal Lea says:

      Thank you!


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